5 Benefits of a Micro current Face Therapy

5 Benefits of a Microcurrent Face Therapy in Deland

Planning to have a microcurrent face therapy in Deland, Florida? There are numerous products and techniques that the beauty industry boasts yet none beats the miraculous microcurrent face therapy. This, because this face-lift uses low-grade current to train the muscles of your face and make them appear toned, firm and lifted. It is a noninvasive, injection free and painless procedure, which is a bonus for anyone who does not like prickly needles or overly invasive facial treatments.
There are many benefits associated with using microcurrent face therapy. They include;

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Facial muscles allow you to express yourself by making different expressions using the muscles that connect the bone and skin. Microcurrent face therapy brings in a face-lift effect, which works to tighten the face muscles and your skin ultimately leading to a toned face and neck with no wrinkles or fine lines.

Improved Blood Circulation

A microcurrent face-lift increases blood circulation by stimulating movement on the surface of the skin. Blood circulation means that more oxygen flows through the skin supplying your skin the oxygen and other crucial nutrients it needs to remain healthy. The end result is a more radiant, healthier and brighter complexion.

Retrains the Face Muscles

The face muscles are the only muscles throughout the body that are attached directly to the skin. As you age, these muscles become weaker leading to sagging skin. A micro current facial lift therapy re-energizes your face muscles leading to an improved tone. It also works to helps the face to release tension.

Assists Product Penetration

As microcurrent facial therapy works on both the face and on the muscles, anything that you apply on your skin before the lift will be pushed deeper into the skin. Applying hydrating serums, for example, will allow your skin to reap the full benefits of the serum.

Achieve Immediate Results

The immediate results you get right after the procedure is why microcurrent face therapy is touted as a 5-minute face lift. By the time you are done with the face lift you can expect to see a more defined cheek and jaw bone, reduced forehead lines, as well as reduced wrinkles.

Note that facial improvements are more pronounced and longer lasting with regular microcurrent face therapy treatments. For you to reap the benefits of the micro facial, ensure that you schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor once every few weeks.

Who Should or Shouldn’t Have Microcurrent Facial Therapy?

Micro Current Facial Therapy is suitable for people of all ages who feel that, for some reason, they are experiencing any signs of aging. The face therapy in this instance is used as a preventive treatment. Micro Current Facial Therapy is however not advisable for you if you have any of these conditions.
  • If you are pregnant
  • Has an active acne or inflammatory skin condition
  • Has a heart issue
  • Had recently had a Botox treatment
  • You have mental implants on your face
A well-done Microcurrent Facial Therapy in Deland, Florida will give you a boost of self-confidence. What are you waiting for, go to our nearest professional therapist in Deland, Fl and get yourself a most deserved treat. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.