Do Your Muscles Require A Deep Tissue Massage

Do Your Muscles Require a Deep Tissue Massage?

Considering having a deep tissue massage in Deland, Florida? What happens when you injure your muscle as you are going about your duties? Chances are that you develop a scar or even strain on the muscle. A deep tissue massage would come in handy here to break up the scar tissue and reduce tension.
Deep tissue massage involves applying constant pressure while using slow, deep strokes that target your muscle and connective tissue’s inner layers. The intention being to promote healing by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation.

How Important is a Deep massage?

If you are experiencing muscle pain due to injury or are feeling stiffness on your body, then a deep tissue massage will undoubtedly do you right. Unlike other types of massages which focus mainly on relaxation. This massage focuses solely on treating the pain and reduce muscle stiffness while helping you unwind.
Deep tissue massage has been successful when done on people with conditions such as sports injuries, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, sciatica, and tennis elbow.

How Does Deep Tissue Massage Compare to Swedish Massage?

When you are quite new to massages, it may be hard to tell two different massage techniques apart. People often confuse dep tissue massage with Swedish massage. So to paint a clear picture, here’s a brief look into how the two differ.
  • Both deep tissue and Swedish massage employs the use of strokes. However, the amount of pressure applied in each of the massage techniques varies greatly.
  • Deep tissue massage is used to treat chronic pain on muscle and sports-related injuries, while Swedish massage therapy is used to improve relaxation and reduce the tension that comes with everyday activities like sitting for a prolonged sitting, standing, or lying position.
  • Although both massage techniques use palms and fingers to manipulate your tissues when it comes to deep massage, elbows and forearms may be used to apply increased pressure. In Swedish massage, the therapist is limited to using the palm of their hands.
  • A deep tissue massage focuses on the inner layers of your muscle and is used to treat tendons and muscle injuries present on your major muscles. With Swedish massage, the most attention goes to those parts of your body that hold the highest amount of tension, such as the shoulders and neck.

What to Expect During A Deep Tissue Massage

One of the things that your therapist will tell you is how important deep tissue massage is for your body’s problematic areas. The therapist is better positioned to decide whether or not you require a deep tissue massage throughout your entire body or only focus on particular areas.
Typically, you’ll be required to lie on your back or your stomach under a cover during the massage session. The masseuse will then warm your muscles up, and when they feel you are ready, they will commence working on your problem areas while alternating between kneading and stroking with varying amounts of pressure.
Due to the deep pressure applied during these sessions, it is unlikely to experience some amount of soreness a few days following the deep tissue massage. A heating pad may help in relieving the soreness. You should refrain from doing deep massage therapy if you either have a history of blood clotting, are taking blood thinners, have a bleeding disorder, or have cancer or undergoing cancer treatments. Considering having a deep tissue massage in Deland , Florida? Our certified massage therapists in Deland, fL are ready to ease your pain with deep tissue massage. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.