Hot Stone Massage

Ever Tried a Hot Stone Massage in Deland, Florida? What’s in It for You

A nine to five job with no breaks, having to mother three toddlers with no help, or handling countless errands for days on end can have a toll on your body. You’d be forgiven for wanting to drop everything for some time to unwind. If this sounds like you, then a hot stone massage in Deland, Florida is perfect to get you back on your good graces.
Ever tried a hot stone massage? So what happens during a hot stone massage? Here’s how it goes.

What To Expect

Well, the therapist starts by preparing you for the treatment by laying you down on a comfortable massage table, playing some soft music, and verbally encouraging you to relax just to get you in the right mood.
She or he then places hot stones on specific points of your body as they massage you. Different therapists have different approaches. They may start by placing the hot stones along the spine, on the palms of your head, or your legs, abdomen, and feet. The technique and approach your therapist uses varies depending on the tense area of the body and the client’s health history.
The warmth and weight of the stones work to relax your muscles, making it easy for the therapist to apply pressure without causing discomfort. The stones that therapists use for hot stone massage are the basalt river stones, preferred for their smoothness and ability to maintain the heat.
Once the stones are hot, the therapist may use your anatomy to guide the placement of the stones or place the stones on points that balance the mind and body energetically.

When you Should Have a Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is both comforting and relaxing. For people who tend to feel cold, the warmth from the stones is often soothing. The heat from the stones relaxes and rejuvenates the muscles, which allows the therapist working on you to reach deeper using less pressure.
You should consider having a hot stone massage when you;

Are Anxious

Anxiety can cause a myriad of problems in your body which, if left unchecked, can result in disease. When you feel like this is what you are facing, have a hot stone massage. As the therapist works their magic on you with their massage oiled hands. You will slowly release tension, relax, and get back to being happy.

Suffer Back Pain

What if you have back pain and you are not sure if a hot stone massage is the best remedy for you? Well, this massage works as the therapist uses controlled pressure on painful joints. This will lead to relief and ease of tightness on your muscles, which will trigger healing. Whether your back pain is acute or chronic, the therapist will indeed help in giving you some form of welcome relief.

Have Depression

Have you been emotionally burdened lately? Can’t seem to think straight? Then a hot stone massage will do you some good. As your body releases the built-up tension, you will feel better, which will ultimately mean a healthier, more fulfilling life.

You don’t need a specific reason to go get a relaxing hot stone massage in Deland, FL. Beyond the reasons listed above, give yourself a treat and randomly gift yourself a hot stone massage just for being the amazing human being that you are.