How safe is an overnight micro current treatment

How Safe is an Overnight Micro Current Treatment?

You must have realized by now that a microcurrent treatment is a miracle facial treatment that works to fade and remove the fine lines and wrinkles that form on your face as you age. This is because it is non-invasive, and the results of this facial therapy are immediate. This treatment uses low electricity to tone and make your skin look firm.
Here’s more insight about microcurrent treatment on your fingertips.

Why Use Overnight Micro Current Treatment?

Of the near endless list of benefits in store for you, here are the ones that stand out the most when it comes to Microcurrent treatment.
  1. The muscle toning effect of a microcurrent facial treatment is truly remarkable. This has swayed many people from facial treatments such as botox needles and the use of fillers.
  2. As the low level of electricity pass through the muscles, they create a toned and lifted appearance on your face if used regularly.
  3. A microcurrent treatment improves circulation, enhances penetration of skincare products, and stimulates your skin to produce collagen and elastin. The result being that your skin looks more youthful and toned. Apart from that, it also stimulates adenosine triphosphate, which is responsible for processes such as photosynthesis, muscle re-education and protein synthesis.

How It Works

The electrical current flows along positive and negative conductors. In salon devices, they are long slender rods, while the home devices have spheres. When the two come in contact with the skin, they allow the flow of current through your muscles, training them to tone and firm up.
This process involves re-educating your muscles using a low-intensity microcurrent. The therapist often uses probes, sometimes called electric gloves, to lift and help in product penetration, to help in results. The helps in moving the muscles into the right position while lengthening or shortening them as they go. This is what is referred to as muscle re-education.

Should You Use an Overnight Microcurrent Treatment?

The longer you undergo microcurrent treatment, the better the results you are likely to achieve. An overnight microcurrent treatment means allowing a low level of current to pass through your skin for a long duration of time, which may not be advisable because it may result in dire consequences.
It is recommended that you undergo three to six minutes of microcurrent treatment every single day for the first two weeks, followed by three times per week onwards.

Be sure to visit a professional skincare center who will follow overnight microcurrent treatment standard practices such as;

  • Introducing the microcurrent device slowly into your routine for optimum safety and to achieve the best results. You do not want to shock your muscles
  • Preparing your skin before using the device with recommended cleansers 
  • Applying the recommended conducive gel to your face. This works as a gateway to deeper layers as they are guaranteed to be water-based and are sure to be free of excess oils
Your skin communicates and depicts the health of your body. This is why it’s easy to tell the health and age of a person just by glancing at them. As such, an overnight microcurrent facial treatment compares to no other treatment, especially when you want to reverse the signs and effects of aging.