Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

Massage Therapy for Stress Relief in Deland, Florida

Are you Considering having a massage therapy in Deland, Florida? As you go about your daily activities, you are bound to experience some degree of stress. Stress can either be physical or mental. Physical stress happens as a result of injury to the muscles due to straining, which causes pain. Mental stress, on the other hand, can be a result of restricted movement, pain, and injury.
Not all stress is bad, but too much of it can create incredible discomfort. This is where massage therapy for stress relief comes in handy. Massage therapy improves your relaxation levels and reduces pain, thus improving your mood.
There are various types of massages you can use to help in reducing stress. The common ones are;

Deep Tissue Massage

The main focus of a deep tissue massage is the deeper layers within the soft tissues. Soft tissues suffer from a buildup of tension that may cause movement restriction resulting in pain. A deep tissue massage enables your muscle fibers to stretch and spread, leading to relaxation as the muscles loosen. Muscles relaxing and loosening leads to increased movement, reduced pain, and minimal stress.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage works to relax you physically and mentally by manipulating your muscles. Muscle manipulation encourages the muscles to relax and stretch, releasing any tension within them which also causes a reduction in physical pain. A reduction in pain improves your mental health which leads to improved wellbeing.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage aims at reducing stress. Here the therapist applies gentle pressure along areas with soft tissues to relax them. As you must know, stress levels increase due to built-up tension.

A good therapeutic massage increases blood flow hence naturally encouraging tissue elasticity.

Therapeutic massage is excellent at increasing internal temperature. Ultimately, muscle elasticity improves as your body temperature rises.

An increase in elasticity prevents the formation of muscular knots which leads to reduced stress.

The various techniques here used to reduce stress include;

  • Deep Strokes
  • Deep strokes involve the use of firm pressure to get to the muscles within. The aim is to increase muscle temperature and increase tissue elasticity. Thus reducing stress and tension.
  • Trigger Pointing
  • A trigger point’s main target is those muscles with a buildup of stress and tension. Tension leads to the formation of knots at the center of the muscle. This can cause immense pain and headaches leading to a negative impact on your mental health. Applying pressure on these points increases blood flow by softening the muscle. Soft muscles reduce pain and headaches and generally improve your mental health.

Do you suffer frequent headaches, acute pain or have recently had an injury? If yes, our massage therapy for stress relief in Deland, Florida can help cure your issue one and for all. Besides relieving your muscles, massage therapy also induces the release of the happy hormones in charge of reducing stress. With regular therapy sessions, you can continue to enjoy lasting health. Consider partnering with our certified and licensed massage therapists in Deland, FL for the best and lasting results.